ePOP - Petites ondes participatives, thefirst international network of environmental activists to show how people feel about the consequences of environmental and climate change, has launched its second video clip contest "Let's see how they feel". With this new edition, we are continuing our work to promote the human component in the environmental debate. The consequences of global changes are already perceptible and knowing how people feel is more than ever a necessity.  

Developed jointly by RFI Planète Radio and the IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), ePOP, an inclusive and participatory network, gives a voice to citizens and actors mobilized for the protection of the environment in order to transmit their voices and testimonies on video. Broadcast in the media and social networks, this voice is also regularly brought to decision-makers and scientists during regional or international events, such as the Conferences of the Parties on Climate.

More than 130 video were received this year from nearly 25 countries on five continents.

The selection of the winners was made by a jury of audiovisual, media and environmental professionals.
Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all ePOPers for their commitment and participation in this second edition!



1st - Waste economy - Hadama Diakité, in Bamako, Mali
Win a week in Paris to discover the backstage of ePOP and our media partners + an ePOP filming kit

2nd - Insects don't respect anything anymore - Emile-Vitus Tossou, Togo
Win an ePOP shooting kit

3rd - Man is capable! - Laurent Payet, Reunion Island
Wins an ePOP shooting kit

4th - The Value of Water - Mihajatuana Clerck Randimbison, Madagascar
Win an ePOP Shooting Kit

5th - And what in our attics? - Jonas Yameogo, Burkina Faso
Win an ePOP shooting kit

6th - L'air noir d'Abidjan - Jean-Yves Essigan, Ivory Coast
Win an ePOP shooting kit

7th - The Red-bellied Monkey Sanctuary - Florentin Tonavoh, Benin
Win an ePOP shooting kit

8th (ex æquo) - Sake, une ville disparue - Sady Masonga
Win an ePOP shooting kit

8th (ex æquo) - When the birds were singing - A.K.G Iris Sossoukpe,
Win an ePOP filming kit

10th - Minefields - Chris Mulunga, DRC
Win an ePOP shooting kit

11th - Growing crops between factories - Adita Prithika Subramanian, India

12th - Our house is buried - Benjamin Lovua, ground floor

13th - It's getting hot in the Mediterranean - Vanessa de Monléon, France

14th - Finding the river of yesteryear - Oumar Baïlo Bah, Guinea

15th - The night water of Antananarivo - Kiady Andriaparany, Madagascar



1st - The value of trees - Olivia Christine Jeanne, in Alakamisy, Madagascar
Win a refurbished Canon XF105 professional camera

2nd - With the women reclaimers - Reine Stéphanie Thiombiano, Burkina Faso

3rd - Smothered by hyacinths - Jihane Zorkot, Ivory Coast

4th - Understanding herpetofauna - Justine Richaume, France

5th - Who degraded the bay? - Lorita Simbou, Senegal



1st - Helping Fishing - Damarus Tshinyam, in Kipepe, DRC
Wins an invitation to Marseille (France) in January 2021 for the World Conservation Congress + A 500€ grant to design and run a local ePOP Camp workshop in his locality

2nd - Man is capable! - Laurent Payet, Reunion Island

3rd - When the birds were singing - A.K.G Iris Sossoukpe, Benin

4th - Insects no longer respect anything - Emile-Vitus Tossou, Togo

5th - With the Irrawadi dolphins - Sébastien Tar, Myanmar



1st - Cultivate Between Factories - Adita Prithika Subramanian, in Tirurpur, India (RFI Agnichiragu Phoenix Club)
Win a one-week Masterclass in Paris (France) with teams from the RFI and ePOP Clubs + A grant of 1000€ to design and run a local ePOP Camp workshop in her locality + 5 ePOP shooting kits worth 70€.

2nd - The evil of the pygmy plantations - Alain Bashizi (Club RFI Bukavu)

3rd - L'air noir d'Abidjan - Jean-Yves Essigan (Club RFI Abidjan)

4th - Greener City Solution - Prithwiraj Purkayastha (RFI Jorhat Club)

5th - When plastic feeds- Harouna Neya (Club RFI Oaugadougou)