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You can join us on social networks, Facebook or Instagram. (Pulbications are only made in french for the moment) 


The basis of an ePOP video is an interview that deals with feelings about environmental and climate change. Record this interview, edit it with images to illustrate it and that's it!
You will find more information on the tutos page.

This year the ePOP team, in consultation with some ePOPers, decided to ban music on the videos. So many testimonies were rendered inaudible because the music was too loud or badly mixed! So the answer is no.
However, if the music is directly related to the video (chords of an instrument played by the witness, musical atmosphere of a place, it is allowed)

No. Voice-over breaks the rhythm of a testimony, which is why we don't use it.

The choice of camera is free. Phone or camera, it is above all the content of the testimony that is important.

No, local languages are strongly encouraged. If the testimony is in a language other than French, please attach a text document in which you have accurately translated into French or English what your interlocutor said.

This is an important phase that is not always obvious. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, you can follow our little guide.

Thank you to stick to the broadcast standards as much as possible to ensure a good diffusion of your videos!
Extension: .MOV or .MP4
Format: minimum 1920 X 1080
Frame rate: 30 frames per second

No. The ePOP team takes care of the texts to ensure maximum consistency and viewing comfort. Please be careful when you fill out the deposit form, as it is this information that we use for the texts.

No. If you wish to promote your project/association, please indicate this when you submit your video. It will appear on the credits of the video and in the texts of our posts on social networks.


To participate in the contest, make your ePOP video and send it via the form.

Yes, go to the Tutorials section of this site to access our tutorials and how-to guides. English users, our tutorials are not avaiable in english yet, so please use the "contact us" form ! 

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of videos you can submit. All you have to do is fill out the submission form every time you submit a video to the jury.

Go to the deposit form to send us the videos.

Yes, the registration form allows you to list all the members of your team and their function.

Fill in the form again, checking that all the information is correct. There are no nominal limits for video submissions, so no worries.

You don't have to compete for any particular award. Everyone's competing for the grand prize. And if your video qualifies for one of the other awards, you will automatically qualify for it.

You will receive an email from the ePOP team with the information you need to retrieve your prize. Be sure to give us a valid address when you send your video.

Until 01 May 2022, at midnight GMT.